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Selenderm shing aid intensive B.B CREAM (50ml)

Product Detail Information

Whitening + Winkle + Sun(UV protect) Improvement Functional Cosmetics (SPF45, PA++)  

The color tailored to a skin tone, Excellent adhesion, tone- up through bright and shining effect.

SELENDERM B.B cream is an innovative multi-cream to make skin look natural and freckles through its excellent concealing power. It constantly protects your skin from the UV light and provides you the fine skin.

An ingredient called Germanium Lionizing Water is contained in the product reduces skin irritations as much as possible and keeps the skin which can be easily dehydrated dewy. 

Main Ingredient

Germanium lionizing water, adenosine, titanium dioxide, arbutin, allantoin  

The product is recommended for the people as follows:   

* People who need to reduce the skin-care time in the busy morning.   

* People who are concerned about a dark skin tone.  

* People who are concerned about an uneven skin texture.  

* People who don’t like re-applying various cosmetic products.  

* People who want to have moisturizing and natural no-makeup skin.  


How to use

Before the basic makeup, apply a suitable amount of the product to the face and gently pat the area.  
STEP 1 Put Selenderm Revitalize Moisture Toner on your face to keep the balance between oil and moisture. STEP 2 Put Selenderm Improve Eye Cream on the face around eyes just like tapping lightly.

STEP 3 Take suitable amount of Selenderm NS2 Hydra Essential Serum, and then put it on your face just like tapping from the inside to the outside.

STEP 4 Put Selenderm White Wrinkle Combinative Nourishing Cream on your face. 

STEP 5 Put SELENDERM shining aid intensive B.B. CREAM on your face.